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Steel sand steel pill manufacturers tell about their performance and difference

2018/01/25 16:25
Steel sand can be polished and polished with hardware, glass, precious stones, jade, etc. The treated metal surface cleanliness meets international standards and has very significant economic benefits. It is an ideal and ideal cleaning and polishing at home and abroad. High quality materials. Among the wear-resistant materials, the amount of steel sand that has appeared in recent years is large and the use range is wide. In addition to the more commonly used industries such as machinery industry, military engineering and construction engineering, the number is relatively large. Concrete is often used as a wear-resistant floor and is often used in places with high friction, severe damage and large impact. This also shows that its wear resistance is very good.
In the cement industry infrastructure, it is also often used to make wear-resistant layers, such as funnels and silos; in basic and civil buildings, stair steps and anti-slip strips, underground garages and parking lots, etc. They make a wearable floor.